F.A. Hayek

Quotes From

Monetary Theory and the Trade Cycle (1933)

Prices and Production (1935)

Monetary Nationalism and International Stability (1937)

The Pure Theory of Capital (1941)

The Road to Serfdom (1945)

Individualism and Economic Order (1949)

The Sensory Order (1952)

The Counterrevolution of Science (1955)

The Constitution of Liberty (1960)

Studies in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (1968)

Competition as a Discovery Procedure (1968)

Liberalism (1973)

Denationalisation of Money (1976)

A Free-Market Monetary System (1977)

Law, Legislation, and Liberty (1978)

The Moral Imperative of the Market (1986)

The Fatal Conceit (1988)

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      @KevinSimler What kinds of innovations improve the terms of the tradeoff? And how would you distinguish them from innovations that simply move along an existing tradeoff?

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      On the use and misuse of Wittgenstein: his remarks on language are more properly about the language *faculty*, which is important because otherwise you get sucked into defunct linguistic theories. cameronharwick.com/blo…

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