About Me

About Me

Hey, I’m Cameron Harwick. I’m a monetary economist.

I’m an Assistant Professor of Economics at SUNY Brockport. I’m interested in how humans coordinate with each other using tools like money, language, and norms. My own work uses tools like macroeconomics, game theory, and computational modeling.

You can get an overview of my broad-level perspective on things in the Framework post, or dive into my polished writing (research), in-progress writing (blog), and stray thoughts (Twitter). I also have bylines at EconLog, Quillette, Areo, Liberal Currents, Coindesk, the Schweizer Monat, 1388 Consulting, and the Duke Finreg Blog.

Miscellaneous facts about myself in no particular order:

Anything else you’d like to know, and the contact form is just a click away.