About The Author

About The Author

Hey, I’m Cameron Harwick. I’m a monetary economist.

I’m an Assistant Professor of Economics at SUNY Brockport. You can get an overview of my broad-level perspective on things in the Framework post, or dive into my polished writing (research), in-progress writing (blog), and stray thoughts (Twitter).

I also have bylines at Quillette, Areo, Liberal Currents, Coindesk, the Schweizer Monat, 1388 Consulting, and the Duke Finreg Blog.

Blog posts are marked with a color, depending on their state of completion. Most start out in the middle, are demoted as they age, and promoted as I edit them.

Miscellaneous facts about myself in no particular order:

Anything else you’d like to know, and the contact form is just a click away.