Milton Friedman

Quotes From

Lerner on the Economics of Control (1947)

The Methodology of Positive Economics (1953)

A Program for Monetary Stability (1960)

Capitalism and Freedom (1962)

A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960 (1963)

The Optimum Quantity of Money (1968)

Monetary Policy: Theory and Practice (1982)

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Hi, I'm C. Harwick, an economist in New York State with an interest in monetary theory, institutional evolution, and folk music.

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      BTC at 6,666.6666 repeating, up 0.6666% (repeating, of course). 🤔
    • Sep2411:54
      I’ve now been able to work in both Napoleon Bonaparte and Napoleon Dynamite into my Principles of Macro lectures.

      Left: Bonaparte on how England avoided the resource curse
      Right: Dynamite on why the Labor Theory of Value is wrong

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