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Arjo Klamer, Towards the Native's Point of View: The Difficulty of Changing the Conversation (1990)

Arthur Melzer, Rousseau and the Modern Cult of Sincerity (1995)

Arthur Melzer, Philosophy Between the Lines (2014)

Cornelius Van Til, A Survey of Christian Epistemology (1969)

Georg Simmel, The Philosophy of Money (1907)

Gottlob Frege, Basic Laws of Arithmetic (1893)

Richard Niebuhr, Christ and Culture (1951)

Roderick Long, Wittgenstein, Austrian Economics, and the Logic of Action (2001)

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Hi, I'm C. Harwick, an economist in New York State with an interest in monetary theory, institutional evolution, and folk music.

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    • Jun2022:02
      Factual issues aside, how did something as rambling and pointless as that Hyena matriarchy article get published at @voxdotcom in the first place?
    • Jun2017:08
      RT @GarettJones: Using ostensibly arbitrary focal points–Schelling points–to decide what is deplorable and what is not deplorable is an important and useful tool among socially connected human beings.

      From the first paragraphs of Schelling’s Nobel address:

      t.co/I7Km5Bxqgp t.co/Xz13ITNqg9

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