Quotes from Free Banking in Britain

By Lawrence White (1995)

Benjamin Klein, Money, Wealth, and Seignorage (1978)

James William Gilbart, The Currency: Banking (1841)

Peter King, Thoughts on the Restriction of Payments in Specie (1804)

Samuel Bailey, A Defence of Joint-Stock Banks and Country Issues (1840)

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      On the use and misuse of Wittgenstein: his remarks on language are more properly about the language *faculty*, which is important because otherwise you get sucked into defunct linguistic theories. cameronharwick.com/blo…
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      If Everett is right about the facts of Pirahã (very big if), it’s less of a bombshell for Chomsky than for Gould. Universality is rather beside the point, so “Innate” Grammar is probably preferable to “Universal” Grammar.

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