Curriculum Vitæ

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George Mason University 2013-2017 PhD in Economics, dissertation stage

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2006-2010 BA in Economics and Political Science, minor in Linguistics


Money and its Institutional Substitutes 2017 Journal of Institutional Economics, forthcoming

Cryptocurrency and the Problem of Intermediation 2016 Independent Review 20(4)

Working Papers

Helicopters and the Neutrality of Money: An Essay in Loanable Fundamentalism

The Markets for Money and Credit: A Suggested Exposition

Boom, Bust, and Bubbles: A Mengerian Account

Giving Credit where Credit is Due: The Benefits of Bank Money Scott Burns

Conference Presentations

Eastern Economic Association Feb 2017 New York, NY. “Helicopters and the Neutrality of Money”

Southern Economic Association Nov 2016 Washington DC. “Cryptocurrency and the Problem of Intermediation”

World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research Sep 2016 Boston, MA. “Money and its Institutional Substitutes”

Institutional and Organizational Economics Academy May 2016 Corsica, France. “Money and its Institutional Substitutes”

Association of Private Enterprise Education Apr 2016 Las Vegas, NV. “Helicopters and the Neutrality of Money”

Southern Economic Association Nov 2015 New Orleans, LA. “Giving Credit where Credit is Due”

Awards & Fellowships

Mercatus Center Ph.D. Fellowship 2014-2017

IHS Humane Studies Fellowship 2016-2017

Mercatus Summer Fellowship 2016 For the paper “The Markets for Money and Credit: A Suggested Exposition”

ECAEF Vernon Smith Prize for the Advancement of Austrian Economics, First Place 2012 For the paper “Bargaining Power and Democracy”

Mont Pelerin Society’s Hayek Essay Contest, First Place 2012 For the paper “Confidence in the Pyramid: Speculation, Calculation, and Stabilization in Hayek’s Monetary Dilemma”

Teaching Experience

Graduate lecturer, George Mason University ECON 311 – Intermediate Macroeconomics Summer 2015 ECON 310 – Money and Banking Fall 2015


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