About The Author

About The Author

Hey, I’m Cameron Harwick. This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you I’m passionate. Instead, I’d like to let my writing stand for itself.

I live in Fairfax, where I study economics at George Mason University. You can get a pretty good overview of my broad-level perspective on things on the Framework post, or dive right into the Best of the Blog below.

The blog is a way for me to hammer inchoate thoughts into concrete form. It also serves as source material for future writing. Posts are marked with a color, depending on their state of completion. Most start out in the middle, are demoted as they age, and promoted as I edit them.

Best of the Blog

If you only read a few of the posts here, make it these:

A stylized history of exchange institutions, from hunter-gatherer credit to money A business cycle account centering on the dynamics of asset bubbles It matters where you inject new money, and financial markets are best
The Cambridge Capital Controversy wasn’t kind to prewar capital theories Why it’s nonsensical to think of God as a dictator Why cryptocurrency is more like gold than paper, and what that suggests about the prospects for stabilization

And finally, various facts about myself in no particular order:

Anything else you’d like to know, and the contact form is just a click away.

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Hi, I'm C. Harwick, an economics PhD student in Virginia with an interest in monetary theory, web development, and folk music.

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